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Ancient Cities Series

By Richard Economakis
Photographs by Mario Bettella
June 2003
Artmedia Press
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
145 Pages, Illustrated, 6 x 5 7/8"
$26.50 Paper Original

This book documents the monument still standing after 2000 years as the embodiment of the highest achievements in western architecture and art. It includes a section showing details of the restoration that should interest both the scholar and the traveller.

This book is both a guide to the history and buildings of the Acropolis as well as a visual promenade that conveys the unique aesthetic qualities.

The reader is led around the site in a clear and sequential manner, encouarged to appreciate the remarkable combination of buildings and space --along with the subtle relationship of one monument with another.

The deliberate contrast of marble and blue Attic sky, the crisp outlines of forms and shadows, delicate carvings against the expanse of stone, the juxtaposition of scale-- all are as important and the events and individuals who
shaped them.

The Classical Acropolis
The Parthenon
The Erechtheion
The Propylaia
The Temple of Athena Nike
Post-Periclean Athens
Restoration of the Monuments

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