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Archibald Knox

By Stephen A. Martin
May 2001
Artmedia Press
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
304 Pages, Illustrated, 10 x 12 1/4"
$147.50 Hardcover

Archibald Knox used his formidable skill and productivity to design everything from clocks to gravestones, jewellery to tableware, and in so doing became the creative force behind Liberty & Co., Scholar and connoisseur alike will be fascinated by the newly emerged insights into the life of this remarkable designer and the sheer wealth of objects that fill this authoritative monograph. Lavishly illustrated throughout, this beautiful edition provides a comprehensive look at the work of this influential artist.

The Soul of Archibald Knox
The Early Years
Liberty & Co
Liberty Metalworks Venture
The Silver Studio
Influences & Designs
Silver & Jewellery
The Great Clocks from the Celtic to the Modern
Knox & Watts: Pioneers of Modern Celtic
    Art Garden Pottery
Man and Liberty of London
Knox, Manx Nationalism
Approach to his Work
The Venturesome Modernist?
The Later Years
Designs & Beliefs Set in Stone
Knox as Manx Chronicler

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