Art & Ego
Marcus Reichert in Conversation with Edward Rozzo

By Simon Lane, Ed.
June 2007
Ziggurat Books
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications, Inc.
ISBN: 9780954665654
110 Pages, Illustrated
$21.95 Paper Original

A controversial look at how art and ego mesh to satisfy the needs of the precarious world of contemporary fine art. These discussions between legendary painter, film-maker, and poet Marcus Reichert and Edward Rozzo, professor of photographic semantics and visual
culture and renowned professional photographer, are a revelation for their intimacy and honesty. Reflecting on subjects as diverse as technique, eroticism, spirituality, and the dictates of an increasingly powerful bureaucracy of galleries and museums, Reichert and Rozzo come to some startling and compelling conclusions. Generously illustrated in color, ART & EGO is essential reading for anyone drawn to confessional writing of a disarming and amusing nature.

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