Carlo Contin: Interventions in the Domestic Sphere
[In English & Italian]

Edited By Cristina Garbagana
November 2010
Mondadori Electa
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9788837084882
96 pages, Illustrated
$36.50 Paper original

"Carlo Contin is first and foremost an ethologist in the newspaper: one who studies the domestic environment with the same care and thoroughness with which an entomologist would analyze - say - the life of an ant hill. Contin observe, compare, record, verify, and assumed only at the end - but always discreetly, almost in a whisper - promises innovative solutions to improve - from what is small and tiny - the operation of the overall habitat. Do not you design a kitchen sponge like Carlo Contin made for the Coop if you have not put their hands over and over again in a sink, and if you have not tried personally to clawing away crusts and greasy food residue from dishes. Similarly, if you've never tried to draw pasta, if you used your hands in the gesture of the baker and the housewife archetype, you can not even think of designing a kitchen rolling pin with bold innovations and material that typological.


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