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Catellani & Smith

Edited By D.G.R. Carugati
September 2009
Mondadori Electa, Milan, Italy
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9788837062057
191 Pages, Illustrated

$82.50 Hardcover

Since its first collection of Flex lamps in 1989, to the Atman light in 2008, the image of Catellani & Smith, a company operating in the lighting sector, has spread worldwide. The Turciu lamp took everyone by surprise since it could be manipulated to reflect the taste of its owner and because it used the 'usual' materials in an innovative way.

Since then, the company has contiued to preserve the magic and significance of artisanal skills in its industrial production. The unusual combination of metal components, the fact that it produces various kinds of lighting -- table-lamps, standard lamps, ceiling and wall lights -- and the fact that the objects they create are unique mean that Catellani & Smith's designs incorporate esthetic expression and quality of light.

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