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City Apartments
Series: Architectural Houses

By Antonio C. Aranguiz
May 2005
Instituto Monsa
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
192 Pages, Illustrated. 10 1/8 x 10 1/8"
$69.50 Hardcover

This selection of collective housing projects covers a wide range of possibilities within its category in such a way that equally included are government protected housing projects as luxury apartments which constitute an alternative to the house. From small blocks up to large housing developments, including refurbishments and eminently vertical constructions, all the projects are innovative housing proposals," the objective of which is to apportion quality of life.

Indispensable factors with regard to housing conceptions are the continuity and improvement of housing types; an awareness of environmental factors and the use of locally available materials; the constructive and collective examin-ation of urban facades and, above all, the introduction of variety in the accommodation thanks to combined design programs. The multi purpose buildings, which incorporate housing, offices, shops and even small hotels, reflect the eclectic reaility of the contemporary city.


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