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Cubist Painters

By Guillaume Apollinaire
Translated from the French by Peter Read
July 2002 (reprint of the 1913 edition)
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245 Pages, Illustrated. 6 3/4 x 8 1/2"
$55.00 Paper

Originally published in Paris, in 1913, this work is a milestone in the history of art crticism, valued today as both a work of reference and a classic example of modernist creative writing. The book combines poetic prose and a sharply defined commentary informed by quotations and anecdotes that refelect the current debates in the artrists' studios.

The selection of young artists ranges from Picasso and Braque to Picabia and Duchamp. The Marie Laurencin chapter, for example, also discusses Douanier Rousseau, Cubist portraitutre and women's art since the 16th Century.

This new translation by Peter Read (University of St Andrew's) contains the original illustrations. Professor Read has also written a substantial essay which provides a survey of Apollinaire's career as an art critic, as well as a detailed commentary on the book.

The cover photo shows Apollinaire in Picasso's studio in 1910.

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