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Deredia a Roma

Edited By Fabio Isman & Jimenez Deredia
August 2009
Mondadori Electa, Milan, Italy
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9788837069919
240 Pages, Illustrated

$82.50 Hardcover

The city of Rome accommodates from june to November 2009 l' exposure " The Ruta de the Paz" , in occasion of which it will come introduced l' homonymous plan devised from the costaricano scultore Deredia for the realization of nine scultorei complexes placed in as many countries of the continent American: from Canada to the Earth of the Fire, passing through the United States d' America, Mexico, the Yucatan, Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru and Chile, snoderà an ideal red thread, tie of polulates and legends, myths and traditions, life and symbols. The plan draws origin from the preColumbian spheres in stone, constructed from the Indian antichi Boruca of Costa Rica approximately 2000 years ago.

The simbologia tied to the sphere describes to the transmutation of the matter and the circle l' to be to the search of if same. These two elements indicate a unitary and total conception dell' existence and dell' universe, recalling ancestral values presents nell' man. Deredia has analyzed and reinterpretato l' importance of a predominant symbol in many cultures, creating moreover a logon between the spherical elements presents in everyone of the nine scultorei complexes and the main constellations of the countries interested, through l' alignment of the spheres with stars.

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