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Design Hotels


By Arian Mostaedi
August 2002
Instituto Monsa de Ediciones
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
240 Pages, Illustrated, 13.25 x 10 x 1.2
$99.50 Hardcover

Hotels are one of the major expressions of the magic essence of travel and the temporary and fleeting experience of visitin a place that is not one's own. From the small and modest metropolitan hoters to the silent glass and steel boxes decorated with the standard fittings, through the majestic large hotels of the turn of the century, the spas and the tropical resorts, this highly varied, complex, seductive and essential architectural typology is currently being reconsidered.

Neutral hotel chains governed by the laws of comfort and efficient services and offering a setting that is mechanically repeated all over the world are giving way to a more select and differentiating treatment that offers new parameters of luxury and galmour.

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