DIY: Paper Toys. Make New Friends!

[English & Spanish]


Edited by: Patricia Martinez
March 2016
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9788416500192
112 Pages, Illustrated
$44.50 Paper original


International graphic designers and artists create stunning templates that later share, in a totally altruistic way, so that their followers can download the paper and create fantastic toys.

The tools are simple: paper, scissors, glue and a little patience to ride these wonderful dolls. The most exciting thing is to see how a piece of paper can easily create, almost from nowhere, a three-dimensional object unlimited creative possibilities. The main idea is very simple: Do it yourself!

The book includes 32 templates with excellent print quality coated paper 200gr, with which to create 24 fabulous paper toys designed by artists from around the world, and have in your own home these small works of art!