Ecological Dwellings
Architectural & Design
[English & Spanish]

Edited By Josep M. Minguet, et al.
December 2012
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9788415223801
232 pages, Illustrated
$110.00 Hardcover Slipcase

 Sustainable architecture takes into consideration the climatic characteristics of the site and environment specific data, addressing solutions livability and performance of mechanical systems and the technology that best meets their geographic and climatic place in order to reach an adequate level of welfare. Through a conscious project in the use of resources and materials will maximize the benefit and the pressure decreases overall energy by using renewable energy, not mechanical ventilation systems and other technological innovations. In the past few decades has been the concept of sustainable architecture to bioecological architecture, including scaling up urban ecology. Currently, sustainable architecture is presented as an essential and indisputable requirement for environmental sustainability, which involves economic reasoning certainly viable and socially just. 


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