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Faces of Football

Text by Mathias Braschler
Photography by
Monika Fischer
May 2006
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9781874044611
88 Pages, Illustrated.
$87.50 Hardback

Football is a game rife with dynamics, emotions and unforgetable moments. For those involved and the fans, during ninety minutes in which two teams face one another on the field, it means the entire world.

Faces reflect emotions and tell stories. And football players' faces tell a thousand stories; of victory and defeat, chances missed and moments of pure luck. No drop of sweat or stirring of emotion remains hidden from this camera. Here are the faces of people from diverse origins united through their common fascination with the game.

With the present publication, photographers Mathias Braschler and Monika Fischer have created a unique portrait series of thirty international football stars. Photographed with a large format camera immediately after the final whistle, the pictures display great authenticity and an impressive intimacy.

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