Family Housing
[English & Spanish Text]

Edited By Josep Maria Minguet & Oscar Mira Vazquez
September 2009
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
240 Pages, Color Illustrations
ISBN: 9788496823426
$99.50 Hardcover w/ Slipcase

The construction of a modern house becomes a tremendously appealing prospect for both the architect as well as the client, not only because in principle these projects respond to the basic needs of humans to take shelter from the elements, but also due to the fact they are a consequence of their surroundings and the environmental prerequisites required for any type of building these days. This is why the frame in which these projects are presented here in this book allows for different variations and sensations: small and large-scale houses, low-cost projects, grandiose ideas, typologies set according to family elements, risky settings, far-flung locations, technological resources and above all,
a markedly contemporary nature to each and every one of the projects.

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