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Franz Ackermann

Edited By Rachael Thomas & Lise Connellan
October 2005
Irish Museum of Modern Art
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 190381149X
60 Pages, Color Illustrations, 8 1/2 x 11"
$52.40 Hardcover

Franz Ackermann is a perpetual tourist, but not of the ordinary kind. He is on a quest for exotica in the Twenty-First Century: actively seeking cultural differences, he travels the corners of the globe, searching for the 'unknown'. His work comprises of installations and wall paintings which focus on architecture and abstraction.

His intensely coloured and dynamic paintings embody the chaos and flux of cities in today's increasingly globalized society. This publication will focus on his most recent work displayed at the Irish Museum of Modern Art. Ackermann's work consists of two major practices, firstly his smaller works on paper, Untitled: mental maps, drawn while travelling, reproducing the cities and landscapes he visits in the form of topographic memory.

Secondly, his larger paintings, which depict urban dynamics in the form of organic energy centres, based on the experience of all his travels via documentation, postcards and newspapers. Through his visual travelogues, he offers a provocative record of an ever shrinking planet.

Each place becomes a 'non-place', a triumph of marketing over cultural difference, national identity and natural exoticism.

Exhibition schedule
Irish Museum of Modern Art - Dublin - 2005

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