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Futurismo 100
[Italian Text]

Edited By Ester Coen
February 2009
Mondadori Electa, Milan, Italy
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications

ISBN: 9788837069926
500 Pages, 350 Color Illustrations
$137.50, Paper Original

ISBN: 9788837067779
450 Pages, 250 Color Plates

$142.50 Hardcover

The catalogue on the centenary of futurism highlights its lively play of relationships with contemporary European avant-gardes and its contacts with seemingly different worlds and cultures. Seizing on the most dynamic and colorful aspects of Futurism, the movement is unusually presented city by city: Paris, Berlin, Moscow, Rome and Florence, New York - each introduced with summaries and reproductions and transcriptions of documents written by the artists (letters, postcards, theoretical manifestos), most previously unpublished or unknown. On display are works by the most famous artists of the times: Wassily Kandinsky, Franz Marc, August Macke, Paul Klee, Marc Chagall, Campendonk, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Max Ernst, Marcel Janco, Kurt Schwitters, Umberto Boccioni and Carlo Carra.


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