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Thirteen Centuries of Art
& Architecture in Tunisia

Series: Islamic Art in the Mediterranean

Edited By Museum with No Frontiers
March 2002
Museum with No Frontiers
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
310 Pages, Illustrated
$22.50 Paper


Historical Overviews
Ifriqiya: 13 Centuries of Art & Architecture in Tunisia
Itinerary 1: The Medina
   Tunisian Ceramics
Itinerary 2: The Summer Palaces
Itinerary 3: The Andalusians
Itinerary 4: Sufism
Itinerary 5: Architecture & Spirituality
   The Rugs of Kairouan
Itinerary 6: The Towns of the Princes
   Tunisian Manuscripts
Itinerary 7: The Ribat Towns
Itinerary 8: The Gate of the Levant
   The Burj
Itinerary 9: The Caravan Staging Posts
    Mountain Oases
Itinerary 10: Towards the Lands of the Qsur
Itinerary 11: Ibadite Architecture
   The Pottery of Jerba
Historical Personalities
Further Reading


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