Interiors for Living
[English & Spanish Text]

Edited By Josep Maria Minguet & Oscar Mira Vazquez
September 2009
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
240 Pages, Color Illustrations
ISBN: 9788496823457
$99.50 Hardcover w/ Slipcase

Interiors for Living is a book dedicated to show a graphic testimony of the different tendencies and trends of the best worldwide interior design and their most outstanding exponents, succeeding in reinventing different styles for its adaptation to the present ways of life, from Europe to Australia, from United States to Japan or from Latin America to Singapore.

Interesting concepts are perceived from apparently insignificant details, carefully chosen materials for and on behalf of the client or even a project of global proportions which speaks for itself. The surrounding architecture, or better said, the architectural environment into which they are integrated, is perceived in terms of an objective which evidently aspires to present itself as modern and contemporary architecture but which also circumscribes to the fact that the interiors presented here have also been created and designed for living.

Right through this book, we will see how interior architecture, furniture design, material selection, finishes, chosen accessories and warm and humane strokes, combined with simplicity and skill, are intentions that materialize in comfortable spaces that call for enjoyment, revelling in a ageless and appealing lifestyle to match the taste of each client.

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