Kitchen & Materials: Wood Laminate Steel

[English & Spanish]


Edited by: Eva Minguet
November 2015
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9788416500062
144 Pages, Illustrated
$46.50 Hardcover


In recent years, the kitchen concept has changed. If a place only intended for the preparation of meals, has become a meeting point for families and friends and often at the core of the house. Make this a cozy place where functionality, aesthetics and comfort are mixed, it is a challenge.

There are endless possibilities when designing a kitchen, we are in a moment of complete creative freedom, where avant-garde or vintage styles, blend seamlessly, multitude of colors or soft tones and white can be used as the feeling you want to convey, choose a design noted for its simplicity and linearity, or include ornamental accessories and small storage always give personality.