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Landscaping in Natural Environments

Editor Josep Maria Minguet
December 2009
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
239 Pages, Illustrated. 9 3/4 x 12 1/8"
$97.50 Hardcover Slipcase

The landscape architect visably modifies land and open spaces with the objective of applying the most artistic transcription of architectural language by working with both animate and inanimate physical structures which arise from geographical and social structures, as well as various technical and sconomical situations.

For this reason, the driving force behind any competent and creative planning solution is the imagination. The landscaping projects featured in this book mainly illustrate designs adopted for new sites and the expert restoration of others, including some with very different uses. This book represents an "account" interspersed with various projects, a theme which takes us from large landscaping projects in open spaces, whether on private properties or out in the wilds, to the more complex installations or structures such as landscape bridges.


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