Le Luci e la Pietra: Lights & Stone
The Urban Object: Art, Architecture & Design
[In English & Italian]

By Giuseppe Coppola
December 2010
Mondadori Electa
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9788837076337
300 pages, Illustrated
$82.50 Paper original

The description of the works, accompanied by a large photo gallery and the testimonies of the authors involved, is part of a broader theoretical discourse and narrative: historical identity of the place, in an exemplary manner that combined industrial production of excellence with a project a utopian city, a place of social experimentation and compositional models, landscapes staged in the exhibition "Blue Earth landscapes", which retrace the research on the relationship of reciprocity between design for living and for the territory, and performative qualities new guidelines of design emerged from the conference, as a design culture that develops strategies and tools "open innovation" in the post-industrial landscape.

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