Le Poeme de l 'Angle Droit
Lithographies Originales
[French & Italian]

By Le Corbusier
December 2012
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9788837091743
216 pages, Illustrated
$62.50 Paper original

The art book was important to support other popular tests for the purpose of the debate in favor of "a new synthesis of the arts", and to this end, in the same year, the Parisian publisher's catalog features artists such as Léger , Matisse and Picasso. Electaarchitettura, more than fifty years, publish a facsimile edition of the book that faithfully reproduces the beauty and elegance of the original, enriched with the transcription and translation of texts. The book was conceived in parallel to Le Modulor (1950 and 1955) in the years of post-war reconstruction, with the intention of seeking a new synthesis between architecture and the plastic arts, in the light of the gradual maturing of the idea about the ineffable nature of the space. The volume closes with the historical-critical essay by Juan Calatrava poses properly relate what we read in the Poeme and is observed with the greatest masterpieces of Le Corbusier's postwar Ronchamp and Chandigarh.


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