Lettering: Tips for Creation: The Beauty of Hand Drawn Letters

[English & Spanish]


By: Eva Minguet
September 2016
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9788416500307
144 Pages, Illustrated
$59.50 Hardcover


Lettering, is the art of "drawing" letters or words, highlighting its imperfections and freestyle. 
At present, this technique is carried using several decades ago, is enjoying a high level of popularity because there are excellent representatives discipline worldwide, such as Tobias Hall, Craig Black, Martina Flower, Ivan Castro, Betrayer Family, Tobias Saul, Sergio Jimenez and many more. Lettering interior decorating can find cafes or terraces, in the windows of the most prestigious stores in advertisements ...

The book is divided into two parts, one where each artist selected the material you want to show, and we talk about their interests and beginnings, and a second part where we have given a step by step work, explaining the creation process and production, from initial idea sketch dimensions to how they work, and combine the letters to draw a harmonious sign.

A comprehensive book for all lovers lettering and for those who want to peer into this wonderful world.