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Lida Abdul

Edited by Stella Cervasio
November 2007
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
172 Pages, Illustrated. 9 5/8 x 12"
$72.50 Hardcover

"In 2005 I was in Kabul, Afghanistan, to present the Prince Claus Award to Omara Khan Massoudi, the director of Kabul's National Museum. Both he and his staff risked their lives to save a great deal of cultural heritage in Kabul and Afghanistan. Yet members of the Taliban still managed to smash large parts of teh collection into thousands of pieces - magnificent, 5th Century Buddhas, extraordinary statues of Hindu Gods adn other religious and non-religious objects that were not in keeping with the Taliban's view of Islam. The Taliban were also responsible for blowing up the country's ancient Bamiyan Buddhas."

Contents include:
Lida Abdul. A Beauty that Hurts
Lida Abdul. diaspora of stone
Lida Abdul. beyond testimony
Hope in White Ruins
White House, 2005
What we saw upong awakening, 2006
War games (what I saw), 2006
Brick sellers of Kabul, 2006
Clapping with stones, Bamiyan, 2005
Tree, 2005
White horse, 2006
Dome, 2005
Umbrella, 2005
Interview with Lida Abdul

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