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Edited By Karsten Zang
September 2007
Feierabend Unqiue Books
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
675 Pages, Color Illustrations, 5 1/4 x 5 1/4"
$47.50 Hardcover

Capturing identity to an image which is easy to reproduce and recognize -- this is the task a logo has to achieve. It has to be distinctive and unique.

Most logos consist of a combination of image and text. Text itself can be modified to function as an image and as text at the same time. Many are used for decades with only minor alterations made to adjust to current aesthetics. At the same time logos are being created for a limited time span only. Some logos have to function globally, while others will only be used in clearly defined communities.

Logos can function solely on an aesthetic level -- by using an abstract pattern, for instance, but they can also directly refer to the identity of the owner -- by using a symbol of the owner's profession that is clearly identifiable. In any case, it has to be distinctive and unmistakable.

The works chosen for this book stand for originality and uniqueness. The book contains 700 works by international designers and agencies, covering the topics logotype, letterhead, calligraphy and street art.


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