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Mamluk Art:
The Splendour & Magic
of the Sultans
Series: Islamic Art in the Mediterranean

Edited by Museum with No Frontiers
January 2001
Museum with No Frontiers
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
235 Pages, Color Illustrations, 5 7/8 x 8 1/2"
$29.50 Paper


Historical Background
Mamluk Art
   City of Cairo in the Mamluk Era
Itinerary 1: Seat of the Sultanate
   The Citadel & its Surroundings
   Mamluk Dress
   Sports & Games in the Mamluk Era
Itinerary 2: The Sultan's Procession
   The Festivities of Ramadan & the New Moon
Itinerary 3: Science & Learning
Itinerary 4: Celebrating the Rising of the Nile
Itinerary 5: Markets
   Crafts & Trades
Itinerary 6: Alexandria--Gateway to the West
   Centre of the Spice Trade
Itinerary 7: Rosetta--Trading Centre of the Delta
Itinerary 8: Fuwa--Province on the Banks of the Nile
    Kilim-making in Fuwa
Succession of Mamluke/Sultans
Historical, Scientific & Literary Personalities
Further Reading

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