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Oggetti Sonori
The Invisible Dimension of Design
[English & Italian Text]

Edited By Marco Ferreri and Patrizia Scarzella
June 2009
Mondadori Electa, Milan, Italy
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9788837069186
132 Pages, 200 color

$42.50 Paper Original

The sound design has profoundly changed the way of understanding the project. It has redefined the value of the sound, re-evaluating the noise of the object and giving it the dignity of sound and then set up a dual field of action. On the one hand, the creation of a new sound identity for objects of modern technology. This is the case for example of the jingle-up of computers and phones.

On another front, the design of the sound gives the old sounds to objects that are the evolution of digital pre-digital technologies: the case of the "click" produced by modern digital cameras, or "drin" issued by the ringing mobile phones . The first is to overcome the object pre-digital miniaturization and de-materialize until the distortion of its original morphology, the second poses with his "memory effect" a sentimental argine this wave of transformation, linking to digital the memory performance of its precursor, pre-digital age.

There is one common denominator: the recognition of the importance of sound design in the design of our everyday objects. Our goal is that this show will produce over the years, new ideas, which will be collected via the web to create a future exhibition project integrated.


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