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Paolo Ulian
Tra Gioco e Discarica
[In English & Italian]

Edited By Enzo Mari
October 2010
Mondadori Electa, Milan, Italy
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
95 Pages, Illustrated, 6 x 8"

$42.50 Paper Original

The exhibition covers a series of designs
which are representative of Ulian’s work.
The works selected for the exhibition
have been divided into four categories:
highlighting the amount of waste
in rubbish dumps; minimizing waste;
reinterpreting existing objects; design
as a game.

The objects designed by Ulian embody
a sort of formal and functional ‘discretion’.
Through small, barely visible gestures
of design, Paolo Ulian shows how they
can effectively express his personal vision
of the world. The designer concentrates
on the relationship created between
the object and the body using it and the
way in which the two come into contact.

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