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Prefab Design
In English & Spanish Texts

Edited by Joseph Maria Minguet
November 2006
Instituto Monsa
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
255 Pages, Illustrated. 7 x 8 7/8"
$42.50 Hardcover

The term prefabricated brings to mind a building system in which the essential pieces of a structure are sent to the site on which the finished edifice will be constructed partially or completely assembled. Once there, it is necessary only to join and anchor the parts.

Although this is still the basic principle of prefabrications, owing to the evolution and the very characteristics of this system, prefabrication in architecture today provides a series of highly varied conditions that bring us new possibilities of how to inhabit our world.

Prefab construction is no longer understood only as a method employed simply as a way of saving time and money on a project, it is also an alternative that can solve the most complicated structural situations, including fold-up and fold-down offices, family growth, refuges for inveterate travelers and itinerant exhibits.


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