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Remodeling City Apartments
Series: Architectural Houses
In English & Spanish Texts

By Francesc Zamora
November 2007
Instituto Monsa
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
192 Pages, Illustrated. 10 1/8 x 10 1/8"
$69.50 Hardcover

Remodels offer opportunities for adaptation on several levels: Change in use of a space, change in spatial layout or spatial interrelations, change in connection to the greater exterior environment, or just a change in the mood or ambiance of existing spaces. The result can allow for a much more flexible use of space, or for a more specifically programmed space.

While residential architecture is evolving in tandem with modern cultural-social needs and values, assumptions are being reexamined: Is the compartmentalization of each specific use necessary? What sort of separation between public and private spaces makes the most sense? How is space conceptualized? The architects and designers of the remodeled living spaces featured in this book are expositors for formal solutions to reify these new concepts and values.


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