Voice of Images
[English, Italian & French]

Edited By Marina Rotondo
December 2012
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9788837091538
232 pages, Illustrated
$92.50 Paper original

The catalog is part of the series of publications of the Palazzo Grassi designed according to the principle of the creation of new interviews between authors / curators and the artists featured in the the scope of these exposures such as the pairs François Quintin / Mircea Cantor, Alexandre Kazerouni / Abdulnasser Gharem or Nida Ghouse / Hassan Khan. Among the works presented outstanding artists have always appreciated the great collector as Adel Abdessemed, Caroline Bourgeois, Bruce Nauman and Bill Viola. Do not miss the most recent discoveries (in particular geographical artists from non-Western) with the intention of ever new "multiply the points of view of the collection, compare it with several references, explore directions lesser-known, more unexpected, more seemingly contradictory" . 


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