Complete Bentley

By Eric Dymock
December 2008
Dove Publishing Ltd
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
304 Pages, Illustrated
ISBN: 9780955490910
$122.50 Hardcover

ISBN: 9780955490927 (Delux Edition)
$250.00 Slip Case Hardcover

To be published for the 90th anniversary of Bentley Motors, this full colour large-format book has details, specifications and pictures of every Bentley, from the notable rotary aero engine of World War I to the latest collectors' classic, the limited edition Brooklands. A fully-illustrated chronology of the company and its racing since 1919 is included in this latest title from the award-winning series of Eric Dymock Motor Books.

W O Bentley's first car appeared at the London Motor Show in 1919 - an imposing 3 Litre sports, the prototype of a style evocative of the 1920s and the Bright Young Things. Rolls-Royce created Bentley Motors (1931) Ltd, eventually to be transformed in 1997 by VW, which kept the louche glamour, returned Bentley to racing and won Le Mans. The combination of German engineering and British tradition produced a European car with a dazzling international reputation.

There were eventually around 100 distinctive Bentley models, hundreds of variations of bodywork, and special individual cars like the Blue Train Bentley or the Queen's Bentley, as well as concepts like the Azure, Java, and Hunaudieres of 1999."

The Complete Bentley" is the definitive Bentley guide, and like the successful companion "File" books, the only single volume with an accurate comprehensive model-by-model guide. Destined to be a book collectors' classic, it is planned to also produce it in leather-bound Blue Label, Red Label and special order Gold Label editions, slip-cased with the Bentley winged badge.

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