Fiat Uno
Repair Manual & Service Guide
All Cars & Vans 1983-1996 Y reg
- N reg
in the UK
(Fiat Approved)

By Lindsay Porter and Ivor Carroll
December 1997
Porter Publishing Ltd.
ISBN: 1-899238-23-9
128 pages, illustrated
$34.95 paper original

This manual contains highly detailed, easy-to-follow service instructions, ideal for beginners and experts alike. It is illustrated with hundreds of clear photographs and line drawings, and is approved by the manufacturers themselves. It includes hints, tips, official wiring diagrams and electrical contact numbers. Contents: Auto-biography. Safety first. Using your car. Facts and figures. Getting through the MoT. Servicing your car. Repairs and replacements. Spark plug conditions and recommended lubricants. Wiring diagrams. Index. Covers all cars and vans from 1983 until 1996.

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