Another Cezanne
A Biographical Fantasy

By Walter Thompson
ISBN: 1-85776-213-4
179 p.
$37.50 Cloth

Paul Cezanne's paintings? By turns adored and despised; such were the extremes he could not escape. Throughout his lifetime Cezanne aroused controversy which did not abate after his death when his paintings were first seen in London at the Grafton Gallery in 1910. But in the nearly nine decades since Roger Fry's scandalous exhibition, Cezanne's radical art has been vindicated. Today he stands with the greatest painters of our age. In Another Cezanne, Walter Thompson provides an original portrayal of this cryptic, misunderstood artist. Tracing a year, late in Cezanne's life, Thompson recreates this vital force. We feel his hesitations, doubts and iterations as the dynamic process of painting and life unfolds. Despite his detractors, Cezanne never lost his powerful feelings for the objects he painted. Seriousness, compassion and humor emerge in this imaginative portrait of the Master from Aix.

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