Disgrace to Her Country
A Cold War Romance

By Peter Young
ISBN: 1-85776-231-2
170 p.
$31.50 Cloth

Seven years teaching in Zambia gave Peter Young a change of scenery, but when the Russians arrived, they were to change his life forever. Galina, the Soviet teacher, and Peter could not have been more different. Faced with seemingly irreconcilable differences, the extrovert Englishmen and the quiet, self-sufficient Russian woman failed to find any common ground. But when a car crash left Galina injured, and shunned by her compatriots, Peter realized just how much her ambition to travel outside the Soviet Bloc had cost her. Mutual understanding soon gave way to love, and, defiantly, they moved in together. However, such a flouting of the delicate diplomatic niceties could not go unnoticed in the height of the Cold War, and, in spite of their decision to marry, Galina was summoned back to Moscow on the flimsiest of pretexts. The conflict of culture had now achieved geographic and political proportions, and the protagonists, shadowed by the KGB, entangled in the bureaucratic red tape were desperate to be reunited. This is the true story of a personal fight for freedom against the odds, the story of two people who dared to defy national and cultural boundaries for love.

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