Forty Years on Ice
A Lifetime of Exploration & Research in the Polar Regions

By Charles Swithinbank
ISBN: 1-85776-261-4
228 p. illus.
$56.95 Cloth

Exploration is perhaps the oldest pursuit of modern man. Despite the continuing investigation of our solar system and beyond, terrestrial exploration is by no means complete. The last forty years have seen a huge increase in our knowledge of the most remote and inaccessible areas of our planet. Charles Swithinbank is a glaciologist who has more places named after him than any living explorer and whose pioneering polar expeditions are detailed here for the first time. This thrilling first-hand account describes the circumnavigation of Baffin Island by icebreaker; traveling in the largest ship ever to penetrate the ice of the Northwest Passage; and the extensive exploration of the coldest, highest and driest continent: Antarctica. Vividly illustrated with 80 color photographs, Forty Years on Ice brings to the reader the sheer beauty of the landscapes through which these incredible journeys were made, and allows a glimpse of the unique vision which drives the scientist to continue to explore this world's most extreme terrain.

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