One Man in His Time
The Diary of a Palestine Policeman 1946-48

By Michael Lang
ISBN: 1-85776-251-7
116 p. illus.
$26.50 Cloth


The two years covered by One Man In His Time are among the bloodiest in the history of a complex and tragic land. Churchill had believed that Britain could retain control over Palestine, but Jewish independence movements were geared towards a different outcome. The Stern group, and the much larger Irgun group, lead by Menachem Begin, used modern propaganda techniques alongside a cell-based organization to carry out acts of terror. The role of the British controlled Palestine Police was to hold the front line against this rising tide of nationalism and the terrorism that was tearing the country apart. One Man In His Time details the experiences; some insightful, some innocent and some fearful and bemused, of a young British policemen, yet to reach his twenties, caught up in the fighting of Jew against Imperialist Britain and against the Arabs whose country was being taken away from them. This carefully annotated diary provides vital personal evidence of a conflict whose repercussions are still influential in the Middle East.

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