Story of a Female Philosopher

By Pratima Bowes
ISBN: 1-85776-185-5
223 p.
$48.95 Cloth

Pratima Bowes was born in Bengal and had a fascinating childhood, living in both the country and the town, attending the colorful Hindu festivals and visiting relatives. But her struggles began when she decided to become a philosopher instead of a doctor and complete her education in the West, spurning the idea of an arranged marriage. After falling in love with an Englishman while studying in London, she married and had a daughter. However, India has always drawn her back and, despite teaching at Sussex University for several years and living in an idyllic country village, she decided to return to her homeland for most of the year. There, she set up home in the Bengal countryside and tried to do her bit for rural enterprise-but her experience veered between tragedy and farce. An inspiring autobiography, The Story of a Female Philosopher vividly describes a colorful life, lived between two continents and in two radically different cultures.

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