Gianni Versace
Fashion's Last Emperor

By Lowri Turner
ISBN: 0-233-99342-8
128 pages, 90 color photos
$22.95 hardcover


Here is the full story of the monumental life and the shocking assassination of oneof the greatest, most revered and flamboyant fashion designers of the 20th Century. From his humble beginnings to ruler of a multi-million dollar empire, Versace’s life, friends, sumptuous homes, exotic personal life, family and fabulous creations are portrayed in this beautiful book filled with full-color photographs of his supermodels and personal belongings. His style reflected the glory and magnificence of the Roman Empire — whether in designing clothing, interiors or accessories — and yet he greatly influenced and defined contemporary taste. Along with his sister and brother, Versace built a legend around the family name and forged an internationally powerful brand that is a byword for glamour and extravagance. The author also discusses the tragic death, the rumors about a possible Mafia hit on Versace, the life of his alleged assassin, Andrew Cunanan, and the extraordinary memorial service in July 1997, attended by scores of celebrities, including Princess Diana and Elton John, as well as the supermodels he made so famous.

The author is former fashion editor with the London Evening Standard and a regular contributor to Cosmopolitan, Woman's Journal, Sunday Times, Daily Mail and the BBC TV's Looking Good.

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