View From the Shore
Recollections From an Author and Scientist

By Roger Pilkington
ISBN: 1-85776-017-4
286 p.
$48.95 Cloth


Having written over 50 books, including the best-selling 20-volume Small Boat series and several scientific works, Roger Pilkington has now left both the water and the laboratory to write View From the Shore. He rightly denies the fact that this is his autobiography, for it is more a contemplation of the 80 years of his life - a contemplation that produces a richly varied series of pictures which are always unique and often hilarious. Life at a German university in the very first months of Hitler's Reich; Cambridge and the curious addiction of night climbers to scale the reverend buildings; crossing the sand of the German Bight in his boat; saving a favorite village from the horror of a planned motorway-the book contains a wealth of surprises. Throughout these episodes, Mr. Pilkington stresses his gratitude for being allowed eighty years on this exciting planet, but at the same time he is also sensitive to the sadness which can drive men and women to suicide.

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