Way It Was
A Jew's Struggle Through Two World Wars

By Gary Leon
ISBN: 1-85776-250-9
108 p. illus.
$44.50 Cloth

Gary Leon was born in Berlin into a large Jewish family, just three years before the outbreak of World War I. After a secure childhood, he left school to study law at university. There, he became an active member of a Jewish student fraternity, the Kartell Convent fraternity, which he found gave him a strong sense of his Jewish identity. But it was the early 1930s, and he soon found that the anti-Semitism in pre-Nazi Germany was becoming more and more widespread. Gary tried hard to come to terms with the increasing animosity around him but his growing disillusionment, coupled with Hitler becoming Chancellor in 1933, finally prompted him to flee to England to begin a new life. Once there, he soon realized that his decision to leave Germany had been a timely one. An astonishing account of one man's struggle as a German Jew living through the two world wars and narrowly escaping the Holocaust, The Way It Was is an inspiring autobiography, written with energy and optimism.

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