Getting to No. 1 on Google

By David Amerland
February 2013
Pearson Education
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9780273774778
176 pages, Illustrated
$39.50 Paper Original

Everything you want to know about making positive changes to your website enabling it to get 1st page listings and climb to the top of the rankings of Google, generating huge quantities of targeted traffic and revenue.

• Specific information on how to identify key search words, and how to identify niche markets with little or no competition

• Covers improving existing Google positions and keeping ahead of your competition

This series of vibrant books will teach you exactly what you need to know using

To build your confidence and help you to get the most out of your computer, practical hints, tips and shortcuts feature on every page:

§ ALERT!– Explains and provides practical solutions to the most commonly

encountered problems

§ HOT TIPS– Time and effort saving shortcuts

§ SEE ALSO… - Points you to other related tasks and information

§ DID YOU KNOW? – Additional features to explore

§ WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?– Jargon and technical terms explained in plain English



Top Ten Tips

  1. Create a Google Account
  2. Optimize your Website Using Online Tools
  3. Learn to research keywords for content
  4. Use Webmaster Tools for Higher Ranking
  5. How to set up Google Alerts
  6. Learn how to mine SEO data from Google
  7. How to choose a commenting system for your website
  8. Choose the Channels to Market your Website on
  9. Learn to Socialise your SEO
  10. Establish a real-time web presence

Chapter 1 Search engines and your business

Chapter 2 URLs and Keywords

Chapter 3 Keywords and Content

Chapter 4 Content and SEO

Chapter 5 SEO Strategies and Your Business

Chapter 6 Analyzing SEO Performance

Chapter 7 Commenting systems and SEO

Chapter 9 SEO and Paid Advertising

Chapter 10 The Real-Time Web and SEO

Top Ten Problems Solved

Problem 1: My website has dropped in search rankings
Problem 2: I am still not getting the traffic I used to get
Problem 3: My Images do not Show up on Google Search
Problem 4: My Website Traffic is Dropping
Problem 5: My website traffic has still not recovered
Problem 6: My website is not sticky enough
Problem 7: I cannot generate engagement in Social Media Channels
Problem 8: My keywords are not performing well
Problem 9: I do not know what content I need to create
Problem 10: How do I create a quality website?

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