Java Foundation Classes Programmers Primer

By Fintan Culwin
March 2000
Macmillan UK
ISBN: 033377339X
528 pages
$89.50 paper original

Java Foundation Classes Programmers Primer introduces the student to the major widgets and protocols of the JFC, imparting a sufficient understanding so that more advanced facilities can be approached. Ideally suited for a second course in Java, it will enable students to build on some familiarity with the use of Object Oriented Design and Development in Java to successfully engineer interfaces.

An Initial Artifact - Introducing Event Handling
A Second Artifact - Consolidating Fundamentals
Some Fundamental JFC Attributes
Specialized Components - the Numeric Input Hierarchy
More Specialized Components - the Cards Package
Main Menus and Drag and Drop
Usability Engineering
An HTML Viewer and Editor - Introducing JtextAreas
Internal Frames, Loading, Saving and Printing
Extending JFC Components as JavaBeans
The ColaMachine : Introducing Internationalization
Trees and Tables

Author Biography:
FINTAN CULWIN is a Principal Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science at South Bank University. He has authored five previous computer science texts.

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