Access Skills in Fiction, Vol. 1
Nelson Thornes Framework English

By Wendy Wren
June 2005
ISBN: 0748793402
112 pages, Illustrated; AGES: 11-14
$22.50 paper original

Twin Students Books offering students all the support necessary to access top quality fiction and non-fiction texts and transform their own writing. Clear and predictable structure to improve students' levels of achievement following Word, Sentence and Text Level priorities within the Framework for Teaching English. Comprehension exercises alongside the extracts ensure that students have understood the text before progressing further. Highly appealing illustrations not only provide visual interest, but also provide specific guidance with the writing assignment.

Can be used flexibly either with lower ability groups exclusively, or in mixed ability classes alongside the mid to higher ability series: Nelson Thornes Framework English. Stimulus extracts follow the same unit themes as the higher ability extracts but are abridged, shortened or completely new. Employs a 'spiral' curriculum in which skills are revisited and confidence is built.

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