Alternative Shakespeare
A Modern Introduction

By A.M. Challinor
ISBN: 1-85776-049-2
247 p.
$42.50 Cloth


Who wrote the works that appear under the name of William Shakespeare? Was it Christopher Marlowe? Could it have been Francis Bacon, the Earl of Oxford, or even a group of people? Why not the man from Stratford-upon-Avon? The Shakespeare corpus represents what is probably the world's greatest literary achievement, yet frequently doubts have been voiced as to the identity of the author. The Alternative Shakespeare considers the development of all strands of this authorship debate over the last 100 years, suggesting that the controversy is a valuable alternative approach to the great writings as a whole. In the process, A.M. Challinor puts forward his own unconventional yet highly convincing theory regarding the 'real' Shakespeare. As a spirited review of arguments and counter-arguments concerning some of the more plausible contenders for the title of "the Bard," this is a book to enjoy and ponder. As a contribution in its own right to the debate, it is compulsory and compulsive reading.

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