Ambergris: A Novel

By Antonia Price
ISBN: 1-85776-296-7
246 p.
$48.95 Cloth

Almost by chance Albertine and her husband Max choose Belize for their first winter away from England. But their 30-year-old marriage is stale and despite the company of the resident Americans, the exotic location remains blandly unfamiliar. But Albertine's habitual ennui is shattered when she recognizes a face from her past. Stifled memories of her schooldays-and the abuse she has suffered-return to haunt her, forcing her to confront feeling long since buried in her now stable but uneasy psyche. Finally determined to face the past and take control, Albertine confronts her abuser, her husband and herself. This is a powerful novel about abuse and regret, love and disappointment, written with sensitivity and insight. It is an exploration of the infinite repercussions of our actions against the finite possibility of reconciliation.

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