Battle of the Earth

By John P. Gledhill
October 2011
Book Guild
ISBN: 9781846245862
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
327 pages
$37.50 Hardcover

The theatre of war is Mars, the moon, Earth and all stations in between. The battlefield is wherever the savage aggression of evil aliens meets the courage and defiance of Earth's defenders. The Annunaki, a spectacularly unpleasant race of alien marauders, have been casting a greedy eye on Earth's gold and minerals for many aeons, and have decided now is the time to strike. Opposing them is an alliance of human resistance fighters, the Dropas – clever, friendly aliens, who have been living secretly on Earth, and the formidable Androids they have developed. And there are the mysterious beings on the Mars base with their own secret technology. Are they super-Androids or perhaps ...? Let battle commence. Hi-tech spaceships clash in outer space and in the skies above Earth, pulverising each other in spectacularly destructive battles. It is war on an epic scale.



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