Birthright: Rediscovering Roots

By Pauline Thomas
ISBN: 1-85776-257-6
287 p.
$51.50 Cloth


Maureen lost her child only just days after its birth. So when her former pupil Comfort Siswe, dying in childbirth, asks her to take care of the baby, Maureen is delighted to adopt the little girl. Years pass and Aida grows up, making a successful transition from African mission to English suburbia. But prior to graduating from university, she discovers that her mother did not die from natural causes; Comfort Siswe was fatally shot before she died giving birth to her only child. Aida returns to Buroni to search for her roots, her unknown father ... and her mother's murderer. This is a quest for identity and a search for the truth, no matter what suffering that knowledge might bring.

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