Chaucer's Canterbury Tales in Bite-Size Verse

By Richard Cuddington
September 2008
Book Guild
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9781846242465
500 pages, Illustrated
$29.95 Paper Original

An entertaining and easy introduction to the plots and characters of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. For all its great reputation and the affection in which it is held, Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, written as it is in Middle English, can actually be a daunting prospect to read.

Now, following the success of his Easy Reading Shakespeare: The Bard in Bite-Size Verse, Richard Cuddington steps in with a novel approach to Chaucer's famous gallery of pilgrims with their tales of chivalry, romance, courtly love, treachery, avarice, bawdiness, humour and nobility. Whether you're new to the tales, or perhaps a teacher looking to enthuse and stimulate your students, or simply thinking of re-reading them, you will find here a thoroughly entertaining and immediately accessible way in to the storytelling genius of Chaucer in simple and amusing rhyming verse.

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