Children's Literature
York Notes Companion

Edited by Lucy Pearson & Peter Hunt
December 2011
Longman / Pearson Education
Distributed by the Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9781408266625
338 Pages
$33.95 Paper original

This volume discusses Children’s Literature through the ages from fairy tales and early didactic literature through to the classics of the nineteenth and twentieth-centuries and the modern day.

Part One: Introduction

Part Two: A Cultural Overview

Part Three: Texts, Writers and Contexts

Alternative Worlds: Carroll, Lewis and Wynne Jones

Real Lives: Alcott, Ashley and Wilson

Adventure Stories: Wyss, Ransome and Muchamore

Rhymes and Rhythms: Stevenson, Seuss and Zephaniah

Picture Books: Sendak, Browne and Child

Young Adult Fiction: Blume, Chambers and Larbalestier

Part Four: Critical Theories and Debates

Criticising Children's Literature

Gender and Sexuality

Children's Literature and Ideology

The Future of Children's Literature

Part Five: References and Resources


Further Reading


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