Christmas Carol
& The Cricket on the Hearth

By Charles Dickens
Edited by Frank Green (Thornes Classic Novels)
ISBN: 0-7487-1832-X
221 p.
$18.50 Paper

Many know the story of Dickens' A Christmas Carol from its myriad film and animated adaptations or the greatly abridged versions in children's storybooks. Unfortunately readers are often put off by the denser, and far richer, quality of Dickens' prose and thus they are deprived of the subtler aspects of its humor and social commentary. This edition brings together the unabridged text of the original and a perceptive commentary designed to introduce the modern reader to the unique era and style in which Dickens wrote. His brilliant use of language, so often lost on those unfamiliar with 19th century literature, is clarified with footnotes on each page. The lesser known and more personal tale of The Cricket On The Hearth is also included, with equally helpful annotation, to further acquaint the reader with Dickens' body of work.

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